• 2015~

    2015.11 Expanded office and laboratory by moving to a new building
  • 2011~2014

    2011.01 Acquisition by Alere
    2012.02 Built the 2nd building for Manufacturing, Warehouse,R&D lab.
    2012.04 Registered International Patent(PCT) for "A Novel
    Canine Influenza virus and Vaccine"
    2013.02 AniGen TB-feron ELISA kit was assigned as an official
    diagnosis method for bovine tuberculosis eradication program in Korea
    2014.11 Spun off as an independent company from Alere, Inc.(USA)
    2014.12 Expanded Manufacturing facility
  • 2009

    2009.01 Anigen AIV Ab ELISA knowledge economics
    department new product certification(NEP) acquisition
    2009.02 Name change of Animal genetics, Inc. to BioNote, Inc.
    2009.03 Moved to new Dongtan factory
    2009.05 Food & Drug Administration medicine
    manufacturing industry permission acquisition
    2009.12 ISO 2003:13485 TUV certification acquisition Anigen
    Rapid Canine Heartworm Ag Test Kit USDA licensed
  • 2007~2008

    2007.07 Gyeonggi-do excellent medium and small enterprises selection
    2007.09 H5 and general pathogenic avian influenza virus antigen diagnostic
    2007.11 Name change of Anigen, Inc. to Animal Genetics, Inc.
    2007.12 Winner of Animal medicine manufacturer self-regulation checking system Prize
    2008.02 World's first Influenza H3N2 type confirmation assay development
    2008.07 Novel canine Influenza virus and vaccine patent acquisition
    2008.12 Winner of the Animal medicine manufacturer self-regulation checking system Prize
  • 2005~2006

    2005.08 Moved to the new Young-tong factory
    2006.01 Purchased the site for the new Dongtan factory
    2006.04 Canine Distemper virus antibody diagnostic kit
    patent acquisition
    2006.04 Canine Parvovirus antibody diagnostic kit patent
    2006.06 Venture business certification (No.061627021-01133)
    2006.07 Technical innovation medium and small enterprises
  • 2003~2004

    2003.03 Anigen, Inc. established
    2003.11 Acquired animal medicine import license
    2003.12 Acquired animal medicine manufacturing industry permisson
    2004.09 Acquired ISO 9001:2000 TUV certification