Immunofluorescent Device Vcheck ‘CRP, SAA, cPL, fPL’– the Latest Releases from BioNote

bio note
2018-02-06 07:01

South Korea's leading veterinary diagnostic company, BioNote has recently launched its immunofluorescent device ‘Vcheck’ along with CRP, SAA, cPL, fPL kit. Vcheck shows superior accuracy compared with other equipment. This is because it measures result values using accurate fluorescent material, eventually drawing more trustworthy results.

CRP (C-reactive protein) and SAA (Serum amyloid A) are acute phase proteins, which show reflected index of inflammatory status of dogs and cats more immediately than WBC. It is possible for various applications clinically with early diagnosis, estimates on inflammation and infection, evaluation of treatment and recovery monitoring. Therefore, CRP is already popular among China, Japan, and Korea vets, as CRP gives confidence in their practices.

cPL (canine Pancreas-specific lipase) and fPL (feline Pancreas-specific lipase) are marker which helps to diagnose pancreatitis of dogs and cats respectively. Vcheck cPL and fPL is not significantly affected by other factors such as gastritis, chronic kidney disease, or corticosteroids, which usually increases in other diagnosis tools.

With simple procedure, it is possible to get results within 5 minutes after inserting kit into the Vcheck machine. In addition, BioNote is planning to release more parameters such as T4, Cortisol, Heartworm, FIV/FeLV as a series of Vcheck.

BioNote was established in the beginning of 2003, and is considered a pioneer of in-vitro diagnostics for veterinary needs. It has manufactured diagnostic products in accordance with ISO 9001:ISO13485 certification, and has expanded overseas sales network in over 80 countries and is still continuing to grow.