BioNote will launch canine cortisol and T4 test

bio note
2018-04-11 08:23
Cortisol 10T 패키지

BioNote will release V-check canine cortisol and T4 reagent to reflect the veterinary market trend. Many countries are now preparing animal epidemics much before by pre-medications and vaccinations. And advanced diet and hygiene are extending lifespan of small animals, ending in increased danger of endocrine diseases. Especially for senior animals, animal hospitals are now focusing on hormonal examinations of immunological markers.

BioNote’s new Point Of Care Test canine cortisol and T4 reagent will bring many animal healthcare changes. Conventional testing methods are based on outsources. Veterinarians sent animal blood samples to external laboratories which took a day to get result. But V-check cortisol and T4 reagent only take 10 minutes to measure and about 20 minutes for whole test. Acute hormonal diseases like Addison’s disease need immediate reaction because it can bring patient’s death. So changing to Vcheck would be a better choice for time loss as well as avoidable administration of drugs.

Also, by Vcheck cortisol and T4 reagent, it will be easier and more accurate for clinics and owners to monitor diagnosis and treatment. Both hormone levels are continuously changing over time. Every method, such as ACTH stimulation test, is based on checking hormone level by certain period of day. Therefore, using the in- clinical method will make sure to test suspected canine illness with more precise result. You will meet BioNote’s Cortisol and T4 reagent very soon, and SDMA, CDV and CPV antibody titer is almost developed, preparing to launch.