The OIE officially certifies BIONOTE® Rapid MERS-CoV Ag Test Kit.

bio note
2016-06-17 07:21
BIONOTE® Rapid MERS-CoV Ag Test Kit, developed and manufactured by BioNote exclusively, is listed on the OIE certified diagnostics. Therefore, this South Korea’s rapid diagnostic test kit will be regarded as a global standard diagnostic tool.

BIONOTE® became not only the first Korean company holding an OIE registered product, but also the world’s first company having an OIE acquired immunochromatographic assay product.

BIONOTE® Rapid MERS-CoV Ag Test Kit provides results with high accuracy within 15 minutes. On the contrary, using ‘Laboratory Diagnosis Protocol’, from Ministry of Health and welfare and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, it takes more than 2~3 days to get the test results.

Strict quarantine is the most effective way to control infectious diseases such as ‘MERS’, resulting in the importance and the global demand for the rapid diagnostic kit on the rise.

The kit has gained recognition from Middle East in terms of performance before being listed on the OIE certified diagnostics. The company has sold over 70,000 test kits after the successful development in 2014. ‘ADFCA’, Arab Emirate government institution, mentioned that the kit shows a sensitivity of 93.9% and a specificity of 99.6%.