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Aboout Bionote Bio-Technology Laboratory

Bionote Bio-Technology Laboratory Certified by Ministry of Science & Technology was established in Korea, 2003. Our employers develop new techniques and products including product improvement at the Bionote bio-technology Laboratory. There are antigen Development team, antibody development team, culture and purification team, product development team, and PCR team for innovative products. They are trying to satisfy consumer need and to increase the sensitivity & specificity of the products.

Antigen development Team

Antibody Development Team

Culture and purification team

Product Development team

PCR team


Global Competitiveness

Own monoclonal antibody production capacity

Own recombinant Antigen Production Capacity

Own colloidal Gold Conjugation capacity

World first Avian Influenza Virus Ag field test development and release: World Standard

World first High pathogenic (H5) Avian Influenzas Ag test kit release: Market leading

Latent Avian Influenza detectable ELISA kit release for poultry and wild bird

Bovine Brucellosis rapid test kit: Helping National wide brucellosis eradication program

World first canine influenza virus (H3N2) Ag test kit and vaccine release : Market leading


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Patents Status


The diagnostic kit of canine parvovirus antibody and the manufacture method by immunochromatographic assay.


The diagnostic kit of canine distemper virus antibody and the manufacture method by immunochromatographic assay.


The diagnostic strips of avian Influenza virus Ag including H5 subtype and the manufacture method by immunochromatographic assay.


A Novel Canine Influenza Virus and Vaccine Therefore


Diagnostic Kit and detecting method for avian influenza virus antibody using competitive ELISA